Revenge Episode 77: Epitaph

Revenge Episode

Title: Epitaph
Season: 4 Episode #: 4.11
Episode: 77
First Air Date: January 4, 2015 (10pm)
DVD: Revenge: The Complete Fourth Season
Writer: Alex Taub
Director: Bobby Roth
Guest Stars:


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As Victoria and Emily grieve, they reunite against a common enemy; David takes action to protect the ones he loves.

(From ABC)
As Emily and Victoria grieve, David springs into action to protect his loved ones.

(Recap From ABC)
BANG! BANG! BANG! Victoria and David hear the gunshots that rang out in ďAtonement.Ē They rush over to Grayson Manor. Victoria sees Danielís bloody body on the floor. Sheís devastated. David knows that Malcolm Black will kill them all once he finds out his daughter is dead. Jack suggests that they make sure this very bad man doesnít ever get this very bad news. A plan is set in motion. An elaborate lie is told where Emily claims she killed Daniel in self-defense.

While hacking his way into showing that dead Agent Kate is actually vacationing in Miami, Nolan uncovers the FAA locator numbers for every one of Malcolm Blackís private planes. Heís off to finish cleanup on the crime when a distraught Louise pops by. She asks to stay at his place for a while.

Victoria is furious with David for the lies heís helping to perpetrate about her son. She canít be around him. Davidís solution to this is having her stay with Emily. He orders the two of them to play nice while he disposes of a body. When a distraught and suspicious Margaux arrives, Victoria says she believes Emily acted in self-defense.

Jack struggles with the fact that he shot and killed a women heíd been intimate with not so long ago. Nolan snaps him out of it so they can clean out Kateís hotel room. He finds an envelope amongst her things. Later, Louise is asked by Victoria to do a little snooping at Nolanís place. She finds the envelope that was taken from the hotel room.

Emily ignores Jackís advice to avoid police questioning after such a traumatic event. Ben says that Daniel wasnít drunk. He also reveals that he was going to be a father. Emily is able to spin the interrogation to her advantage with a reasonable explanation as to why Daniel had no defensive wounds. She killed him only when she had no choice.

Chief Alvarez pulls over David. He orders him to open the back doors to his van. Thereís nothing inside. Much like his daughter, it seems David Clarke always has a plan. He tipped off some of Malcolm Blackís enemies that heíd be in Miami. In other news, Ben realizes Jack is off his game lately because of Kate. He thinks she really did a number on him.

Margaux vows to make it her lifeís mission to make Emily pay for Danielís death. She bans her from attending the funeral with the blessing of Victoria, who enjoys a memory of her son before the ceremony. As for Emily, she learns that her father was planning on killing Victoria. She also has flashbacks of Daniel as she watches the funeral service from afar.

As Victoria says her final goodbye to her son, she asks Louise to destroy the envelope she swiped. Itís her way of avoiding any future funerals. That sentiment may not be fulfilled so easily. Nolan lets David know thereís been a bloodbath in Miami. An unidentified arms dealer has turned up dead and in pieces.

Ted Powell of the FBI rolls into town trying to track down Kate. He asks Chief Alvarez if she was working with anyone on his team. Jackís name is divulged. Alvarez is ready to give his rookie a call until itís revealed that this guy isnít really with the FBI. The mystery man pulls out a knife. He stabs Chief Alvarez as he reveals his true identity of Malcolm Black.