Revenge Episode 74: Contact

Revenge Episode

Title: Contact
Season: 4 Episode #: 4.08
Episode: 74
First Air Date: November 16, 2014 (10pm)
DVD: Revenge: The Complete Fourth Season
Writer: Joe Fazzio
Director: Paul Holahan
Guest Stars:


Fan Rating: --/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


The FBI closes in on Victoria, leaving her future hanging in the balance; a mysterious new enemy makes a move.

(From ABC)
Victoria's future hangs in the balance as the FBI closes in and a mysterious new enemy strikes.

(Recap From ABC)
David calls for an ambulance for Victoria when Emily won’t. He rides off in the ambulance without answering her questions about why he stayed away all those years. The two of them meet up at the hospital. Victoria begins to code when she sees David telling Emily that he did not take the photos she showed him.

Agent Kate Taylor of the FBI is brought in as a liaison to run point on the Conrad Grayson murder. She wants Jack to walk her through the case. There’s evidence suggesting that the guy who killed Conrad may be the same person who tried to rundown David Clarke.

David hides the fact that he recognizes the man who was killed by Charlotte killed when questioned by Kate. He again meets up with Emily. He gets angry when she tells him she’s the one who cleared his name. David yells that he never asked for her help. Emily flees leaving a crumbled up picture of the two of them behind. As for David, he learns that Victoria knew Emily is his daughter. The two of them are enemies.

Emily has a chat with Daniel, who can’t believe she’s giving up on her father. That may not be true. Two men infiltrate Victoria’s hospital room. They threaten to kill her unless David comes with them. A mighty fight ensues with an additional party jumping into the mix. It’s Emily. She helps battle the two men until David sounds an alarm. The bad guys flee. Emily does as well after telling her father that she was never there.

Margaux admits that she’s in love with Daniel, but she can’t forgive him for his lies. She also warns Louise that she’s made an enemy of her. Speaking of Louise, she’s still having imaginary conversations with her mama. One of their chats leads to the idea of using a pregnancy to weasel her way into the Grayson fold. She sneaks into a shower with Daniel. This doesn’t go well. It’s also a bad scene when Daniel confronts Victoria about his inability to love. He leaves a genuine voicemail message for Margaux.

Margaux tries to blackmail Nolan into accessing Louise’s criminal record. That doesn’t happen. He actually likes her until some photo-shopped pictures on her tablet prove that she’s a little loopy. He reconsiders partnering with Margaux if she’ll do something for him. In other news, Jack’s chummy sharing of beers with Kate is interrupted by a drunken Ben. He’s ticked about losing out on the case. Jack does his best to set him straight.

When David again meets with Emily, he tells her that a rival of Conrad’s threatened to kill the girl he thought was his daughter if he didn’t do his bidding. That’s why he can’t be her father. It’s too dangerous. David wants to take care of this on his own. He loves her—infinity times infinity. Emily later tells Nolan that staying out of her father’s business may be for the best. Of course, if that were true, she probably wouldn’t be holding a mystery man prisoner in a back room.