Revenge Episode 70: Meteor

Revenge Episode

Title: Meteor
Season: 4 Episode #: 4.04
Episode: 70
First Air Date: Octoner 19, 2014 (10pm)
DVD: Revenge: The Complete Fourth Season
Writer: Karin Gist
Director: J. Miller Tobin
Guest Stars:


Fan Rating: --/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


An unexpected revelation shakes Emily to the core; Victoria sinks her claws deeper into David.

(From ABC)
Emily is shaken to her core by an unexpected revelation as Victoria sinks her claws deeper into David.

(Recap From ABC)
Emily doesnít want to call the cops about the knife-wielding intruder who was inside her bedroom. She fears Charlotte might be involved. That doesnít stop Nolan from reporting the break-in. Jack wants to investigate to see if Victoria is involved. Emily canít stop him from doing his job. That means Jack will also arrest her if anything happens to Victoria. He later questions Ben about his intentions with Emily, as heís just looking to uncomplicated things at the moment.

Victoria knows that David needs an explanation for where heís been before he reemerges. He also needs an alibi for the night Conrad was killed. Victoria says she will handle all this. As for David, he seems a tad unstable as he takes a chain and begins whipping himself in the back. A short time later, heís arrested for shoplifting. Ben realizes he matches the description of the person who broke into Emilyís house. He asks her to come down to the station.

Jack preps the lineup of suspects. He recognizes David Clarke immediately. Jack wants to speak to Emily alone, but thatís against protocol. Emily is brought in to view the suspects. She asks to get a closer look at Number 3. Emily steps closer to the one way mirror. She breaks down in tears. She tells Ben that itís not the man who broke into her home. Emily rushes out of the police station. She tells Nolan about David. She tells him that her father is alive.

While in New York, a police friend lets Victoria know that David Clarke has been arrested back in the Hamptons. David tells the feds that Conrad Grayson had him locked away. He tortured him. David claims that he fears Conrad will find him. He already knows that canít happen, as heís the one who killed him. Davidís story that he was beaten and tortured for 10 years hits the news. Victoria is impressed at how he just cleared himself of any wrongdoing whatsoever. She pledges her allegiance to him.

Daniel has a meeting with Louise Ellis. Heís looking to reel her in for his wealth management firm. Later, Victoria gives Daniel an envelope full of money without revealing that she got it from Margaux. Her son already knows this. Victoria storms off refusing a drink that was anonymously sent her way by Louise Ellis, who then meets with Daniel. The two of them share war stories about their mothers. Then some poolside flirtation ensues.

Charlotte is going down the pill-popping road again until Victoria tells her that if she truly wants a relationship with her father then she needs to fight for it. In other news, Emily needs to see her dad now. She rushes down to the press conference thatís being held. Emily sees her father usher Victoria and Charlotte out to stand by his side. Sheís devastated. Nolan wonders what just happened. An utterly defeated Emily says, ďShe got to him first.Ē