Revenge Episode 67: Renaissance

Revenge Episode

Title: Renaissance
Season: 4 Episode #: 4.01
Episode: 67
First Air Date: September 28, 2014 (10pm)
DVD: Revenge: The Complete Fourth Season
Writer: Sunil Nayar and Sallie Patrick
Director: John Terlesky
Guest Stars:

Fancy (feat. Charli XCX) by Iggy Azalea
Sc 12, Emily sits in a Bentley listening to music and waiting for Nolan.

The Heat by Jungle
Sc 28, At Grayson Manor, young party goers mingle, a DJ spins the song of the summer.

Cool Like Me by Fryars
Emilys summer party is in full swing.

Dangerous (feat. Joywave) by Big Data
Sc 30, Possible party source, at the Grayson Manor party, Jennifer reacts when she sees Nancy.

Romanticise by Chela
Nolan follows Jack just outside the party and finds out Charlotte has just gotten in some trouble.

Tongues (ft. Kopps) by Joywave
Party source continues as Margaux and Nolan have a chat.

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Emily plans her most surprising party yet; Victoria turns a major setback into an advantage; David Clarke plans his next move.

(From ABC)
As Emily plans to host her most surprising party ever, Victoria finds a way to turn her greatest setback into a dangerous advantage. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them both, David Clarke plans his next move.

(Recap From ABC)
Victoria Grayson has spent six months locked away in a psychiatric facility. She tells a group of fellow patients that she has been reborn. Her transformation began after the death of her former husband, Conrad. She made her peace with others, including Emily Thorne. This may not be entirely true as she enlists help from a friend to swipe an orderly’s cell phone. It seems the former Queen of the Hamptons has a plan—one that doesn’t come to fruition after she places a call only to find Emily on the other end of the line.

Memorial Day is approaching. Nolan’s hopes that his best friend in revenge will use their upcoming party to announce that she is, in fact, Amanda Clarke, are quickly dashed. Emily assures that this will be nothing more than a party to open the summer season. No arrests. No blackmail. No takedowns whatsoever. Hopefully there will at least be some spinach dip in the place formerly known as Grayson Manor which is now Emily’s new home.

While driving Nolan’s snazzy new car, Emily accidentally backs into a local woman’s car. She invites the irate auto owner to her upcoming bash where she’ll give her a check to cover the cost of the damage. Nolan is impressed to see Ems resolving conflict without the use of a red Sharpie. Back at the manor, they meet with Dennis and Jennifer, two folks behind an organization known as the South Hampton Yacht Club. Emily has helped with fundraising. These two owned a yacht that was involved in an accident with a small fishing boat where a man was killed.

Jack completes his first day on the job as a rookie cop. Charlotte gives him a scare after his shift by picking up Carl from daycare. It was unexpected, seeing as how they haven’t been in contact for six months. Charlotte is still ticked at Jack for tying her up in that room. She doesn’t believe that he wasn’t the one behind it all. Jack gives Emily the scoop on what went down with Carl. Emily promises that one way or another she will make things better with Charlotte.

Daniel is living the party life spending time with lots of lovely ladies. Margaux is mad at him for quitting as her number two. She’s also dealing with her brother, Gideon, who seems to be in the States to stay. Daniel invites Charlotte to move in with him. She’d rather just have a check to pay rent on her own place. Daniel agrees to spot her the cash even though the look on his face suggests he can’t afford to do so. In truth, he’s been selling off whatever he can to give the illusion that he’s still living a lavish lifestyle.

Emily notices what appears to be movement inside her old beach house. Memories of Aiden’s death rush in once she enters the premises. Emily leaves without noticing the figure hiding in the shadows. It’s David Clarke. He has returned to settle some unfinished business. In other news, Victoria gets a new roommate in the institution. Her name is Louise. She was locked away by her mother. Victoria comforts her new, young roomie. Once again, she has a plan. This one actually works and Victoria makes a daring escape.

On the day of her big Memorial Day party, Emily presents a generous check to the woman whose car she hit. The lady’s name is Nancy, and she’s had a rough year. She recently lost her fiancé. Jennifer gets an uneasy look when she sees Nancy pass through the crowd. There’s other trouble in another part of the house when Jack’s commanding officer, Ben, catches Charlotte doing drugs. He wants to arrest her. Jack convinces him to give her a pass.

Emily calls upon Dennis to christen their new yacht. He’s surprised when the name on the side of the vessel is revealed to be “Valerie.” Jennifer knows that’s the name of his mistress. She freaks out on Dennis saying she’s through being his alibi. Jennifer claims that Dennis is responsible for killing Nancy’s fiancé. Remember that concept of no takedowns at the party? Nolan realizes that was a lie. Emily had hoped to make things right for Nancy after she came across her story. However, her plan backfires. Nancy only feels more pain now. Nolan is furious at Emily, who tells him to get out of her house.

Daniel fesses up to Margaux as to the real reason why he stepped down from the magazine. He tells her about the girl who OD’d in his bed. Gideon took a photo of the scene to blackmail him. There’s a chance that he killed her. Gideon is a bad guy and he’s currently getting Charlotte more and more hooked on drugs.

Emily calls Nolan to explain why she did what she did regarding Nancy. A thirst for revenge has become a part of her. She’s not sure what she would do without it. The phone call is cut short when the doorbell rings. Victoria is on the front step vowing revenge. Emily welcomes her back just before closing the door on her. As Victoria steps away, a figure grabs her. It’s David Clarke. Victoria is face-to-face with him as he shoves a rag into her mouth moments before she’s rendered unconscious in his arms.