Revenge Episode 54: Exodus

Revenge Episode 54

Title: Exodus
Season: 3
Episode #: 3.10
Episode: 54
First Air Date: December 15, 2013 (9pm)
DVD: Revenge: The Complete Second Season
DVD: Season 3 Coming September 2014
Instant Video: Season 2
HD Instant Video: Season 2
Writer: Sunil Nayar and Karin Gist
Director: Ken Fink
Guest Stars:
Karine Vanasse as Margaux LeMarchal
Justin Hartley as Patrick Osbourne


Fan Rating: --/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


As the wedding finally arrives, Emily's plan seems poised to go off without a hitch -- until enemies unite, leading to dire consequences.

(From ABC)
The wedding of the century has finally arrived and Emily's master plan is poised to go off without a hitch until enemies unite, bringing new complications and leading to dire consequences.

(Recap From ABC)
Sounds of a party at sea fill the night as a yacht cruises across the ocean. Emily Thorne, dressed in a beautiful, flowing white dress, steps forward as someone approaches her on the deck. She says, ďIím sorry.Ē BANG! BANG! Gunshots rip through the white dress as it becomes stained with gushing blood. Emily is jolted overboard into the water below. We jump back 12 hours earlier. Emily is drawing blood from her arm while Nolan reiterates the problem at hand. Victoria has opted to skip Emís wedding as sheís not too keen about the revenge-y bride-to-be marrying her baby boy. Fear not. As always, Emily Thorne has a plan.

Conrad finds Lydiaís journal. He believes sheís planning to take him down, so her orders her to scram. Lydia swipes a photo before she goes. She uses it to blackmail Emily into getting her beach house. As for Conrad, he learns that his wife is not attending the wedding. Emily has him believing that she may not have made this decision if Patrick were still around. Conrad takes the bait. Victoria is overjoyed when her other son shows up unexpectedly. Patrick convinces her that attending the wedding is in everyoneís best interestóespecially when it comes to her relationship with Daniel.

Emily, Aiden and Nolan go over the plan to frame Victoria for murder. The time has come to take down the Graysons once and for all. Emily stops to say goodbye to Jack, as heís not coming to the wedding. She lets him know that she was with Amanda when she died. The last thing she made her promise was to take care of him and Carl. Jack canít get past the fact that Emily took everything from him, even this farewell moment.

Just before the big wedding ceremony, Patrick lets Nolan know that he canít be with him. His mom needs him. Daniel runs into Sara at the office hours before heís to marry another woman. Itís obvious these two have incredibly strong feelings for each other. As Emily prepares to walk down the aisle, Aiden fits her with a garter that holds an emergency beacon. He gives her a passionate kiss before heading off to initiate his part of the plan. A short time later, Emily is a vision of beauty as Nolan escorts her down the aisle. Let the wedding/takedown of the century begin!

Aiden stops Lydia from crashing the wedding by turning over the papers to the beach house. As the vows are exchanged inside, Emily says sheís looked forward to this day since she was a little girl. Moments later, Emily Thorne becomes Mrs. Daniel Grayson. At the reception, Nolan shares a dance with the bride. He knows this is their goodbye. While these two old friends dance, Daniel slips away to call Sara. His wedding obligations stop him short from leaving a complete voicemail. He starts drinking as a way of self-medicating.

Sara lets Jack know that she fell in love with Daniel all over again. She mentions the voicemail the groom left for her. Something has also been left for Jack at the Stowaway. Itís an envelope containing a pendant. In other news, Patrick receives a disturbing text message. Itís from Nolan saying they know the truth about Father Paul. Itís his way of bringing Patrick back to him. More importantly, it keeps him off the yacht.

Conrad learns that Lydia really does love him. This has him heading back into her arms. He suggests that itís time they shake things up in the Hamptons. So he invites Lydia to go on the yacht cruise. Guess her deal with Emily is off. Once everyone is at sea, Emily spills a drink on Victoria forcing her to go clean up in the state room while everyone else watches a video. As others enjoy the show, Daniel gets a phone call letting him know that Sara tried to kill herself. Heís completely unnerved.

Thanks to Lydia, Victoria sees the photo of Emily dressed as a waitress at the Grayson affair so many years ago. She was right all along about being targeted. Victoria confronts her new daughter-in-law on the deck of the yacht. She tosses the bracelet that was supposed to be used to frame her overboard. This has Aiden springing into action. He renders Victoria unconscious with some chloroform. He drags her away. Emily is stunned when an intoxicated Daniel approaches from behind. He heard everything. He grabs the gun that was meant for his mother.

BANG! BANG! Gunshots ring out. Blood spurts from Emilyís wedding dress. She falls overboard. A freaked out Daniel tosses the gun into the ocean. He then heads back inside to act as if heís been watching the video the entire time. Blood stains are discovered on the deck. Thereís no sign of Emily. Victoria is missing as well. Aiden swims to shore where Jack is waiting to return the pendant to the little girl he once knew. But Emily isnít there. Only her bloodied wedding dress rests on a nearby rock. Something has gone wrong. This wasnít part of the plan.