Revenge Episode 52: Secrecy

Revenge Episode 52

Title: Secrecy
Season: 3
Episode #: 3.08
Episode: 52
First Air Date: November 17, 2013 (9pm)
DVD: Revenge: The Complete Second Season
DVD: Season 3 Coming September 2014
Instant Video: Season 2
HD Instant Video: Season 2
Writer: Sallie Patrick & JaSheika James
Director: Colin Bucksey
Guest Stars:


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Victoria is eager to throw Emily an unforgettable bridal shower; Emily takes drastic measures as Daniel grows more distant.

(From ABC)
Victoria eagerly throws Emily a bridal shower that neither of them will soon forget. And when Daniel grows more distant, Emily has to take drastic measures.

(Recap From ABC)
Daniel has been distracted lately. He’s been thinking a lot about Sara. He almost forgot about the upcoming coed bridal shower his mother is throwing. Speaking of Victoria, she’s pleased when Charlotte informs her that her son has been sneaking around with Sara all week. Daniel conveniently bumps into her at the Farmer’s Market. He wants to talk about what’s going on between them. Sara reminds him that he’s getting married before mentioning that she’d be willing to meet up with him again. After Daniel leaves, Emily appears at the market. Sara is caught completely off guard.

Emily tearfully confronts Sara, who promises she’s not a home-wrecker. She’s being genuine when she says this. Sara lets Victoria know that she’s not going to help her break up the engagement. The queen is not pleased. She wants a chance to prove that Emily Thorne is only after money and status. The bride-to-be finds a diamond necklace he believes Daniel will be giving to her at the bridal shower. Nolan helps her shop for a comparable gift. They come across a watch that sends out an emergency transmission. He thinks it would be a wise purchase for Emily herself.

Jack is surprised to hear that Aiden is moving in with Nolan temporarily. Then he’s stunned to learn that the guy is leaving with Emily after she pulls off her master plan. It’s obvious he’s hurt by the news. Jack has an unpleasant chat with Aiden when he shows up the Stowaway. Charlotte had called him there. She received a troubling email. Someone stole her phone which contained some salacious photos of her. The thief is now trying to blackmail her. She needs help. Aiden meets with the blackmailer and proceeds to beat him to a pulp. He grabs the phone and hands it back to Charlotte, who pleads with Jack to not interfere.

Conrad lets Margaux know that he’s going with another publishing company regarding his memoirs. He wants Daniel to help him come up with a title while questioning him about Sara. Conrad has his son join him in a secret lair in the city. It’s a place he can bring Sara, or anyone else he may desire, after he marries Emily. Anderson the butler will cater to his needs and keep all his secrets. Conrad hands over the keys to his den of iniquity. It would be a nice little father-son moment if not for the sleaziness of it all.

Emily gives Daniel his gift they enter the bridal shower. She learns that Victoria hired Sara to cater the affair. The queen has more surprises in store. There’s a game of “This is Your Life’ where one of Daniel’s old pals shows up as a surprise guest. Then it’s Emily’s turn to play the game. Victoria’s mystery guest is even more shocking than the first participant. He’s the man who was once married to Emily, who says she only did this to help him stay in the country with his male partner. Victoria wasn’t expecting this at all. She was hoping this trick would sway Sara to join Team Breakup. It has the exact opposite effect.

Emily’s secret husband is someone who was also schooled in revenge by Takeda. She asks her ex to set the watch she bought at Nolan’s suggestion in something suitable for a bride. That shouldn’t be a problem. After all, the guy made a fortune mining rubies. Emily is pleased that her plan to show everyone how desperate Victoria is worked. She has no idea that Daniel is meeting with Sara in his new secret lair. He pulls out the necklace Emily had thought was for her. In truth, Daniel bought it for Sara a long time ago. He gives it to her now as the two of them share a kiss and a hug.

Victoria lets Emily know that she knows all about the secret lair in the city that’s been handed down by the Grayson men for generations. The wives have always known about the secret liaisons. Victoria hands Emily a phone. She dials. Anderson the butler picks up on the other end stating that Daniel and his lady friend have settled in for the night. Advantage: Victoria. Later, Jack tells Emily about what went down at the Stowaway with Aiden. He knows that she was always secretive, even as a kid. Emily reveals that the thing she would wish for when they saw a shooting star as a kid is that nothing would ever change.

Aiden uses Charlotte’s computer to get backdoor access into Grayson Manor. He tells Nolan that he needs him to do something, and it needs to stay between them. As for Emily, she gives Daniel another gift before admitting to him that she broke down in front of Sara. It’s so unlike her. She realized something else must be going one. She lets Daniel know she’s pregnant. The gift she gives him is a sonogram picture. The surprises keep coming elsewhere. Margaux may be able to tell the tale of Conrad Grayson after all. She has a new source. Out of the shadows of a parking garage steps the once-thought-to-be-deceased Lydia Davis.