Revenge Episode 44: Truth, Part Two

Revenge Episode 44

Title: Truth, Part Two
Season: 2
Episode #: 2.22
Episode: 44
First Air Date: May 12, 2013 (10pm)
DVD: Revenge: The Complete Second Season
Instant Video: Season 2
HD Instant Video: Season 2
Writer: Mike Kelley and Mark B. Perry
Director: J. Miller Tobin
Guest Stars:


Fan Rating: --/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


A catastrophic moment changes everyone's lives; a heartbreaking death forces Emily to evaluate her quest for revenge.

(From ABC)
The devastation leads to a heartbreaking death that will send shockwaves down the shoreline and force Emily to take a hard look at the truth and the path of revenge she has embarked on.

(Recap From ABC)
The fallout of the explosion that destroyed several floors in the Grayson Global building throws the street below into chaos. Emily rushes into the building to look for Jack while Nolan heads back to his office to track his phone. Conrad takes control at the scene declaring to the cameras that he and his campaign workers are the first responders to this crisis. Inside the building, Emilyís sees the legs of an injured man. Sheís pulled away by firefighters before she can see if itís Jack. Itís not. Heís safe at Nolanís office. He got the message to get out of the building. Now Jack wants to know how Nolan knew the building he was in was set to explode.

Nolan gives the 411 about the Fa1c0n and the terrorists that are behind all this. Jack believes Ashley set him up. He smashes his phone so that everyone will think heís dead. Emily is relieved to learn Jack is alive. She has to stop him before he does anything rash. Jack tracks down Ashley, but realizes that Conrad is the one who lured him into the building. That means he knew the explosion was coming. Daniel tries to pin the bombing on Aiden, who flees the scene before he can be captured. As for the man who Emily saw in the offices, heís wheeled out on a stretcher. Charlotte is horrified to see that itís Declan. Heís in bad shape.

Jack needs to sneak into the hospital to see Declan without tipping his hand that heís still alive. Heís forced to rely on Emily to help him accomplish this. He appreciates that sheís going to such extremes to help him. Jack wears a doctorís disguise to sneak in to see his brother. Declan is awake and responsive. He agrees to get as far away from the Graysons as possible once heís better. Itíll be hard to leave especially now that the girl he loves is pregnant. Declan puts on a brave face when Charlotte visits him. He says heís going to be okay, but the look on his face after she leaves suggests otherwise. Nolan learns that thereís a race to find a way to repair Decís heart.

Aiden asks Emily one last time to run away with him from all this revenge. Thatís not going to happen. He presents her with a key to a distant villa they talked about in the past just in case she ever changes her mind. He kisses her goodbye. Emilyís sadness over his departure is short-lived once she learns Jack may be going after the Graysons. Speaking of the First Family of the Hamptons, Daniel realizes that his father knew the explosion was coming. Conrad says he had no choice but to play along with the Initiativeís plan. The only thing he could do was minimize the damage.

Emily sees on the news that Aiden has been arrested. Heís being charged with being the mastermind behind the cyber-attacks on New York and blowing up the offices of Grayson Global. Daniel lets his mother know that his father is the actual culprit of the bombing. Victoria believes her husband has been with the Initiative all along. Conrad corrects her. He says thereís never really been an Initiative. Itís just a bunch of savvy business people who profit from disasters. Helen Crowley tipped him off about what was coming so he could also profit. Victoria is disgusted by this, but Conrad still expects her to join him on stage for his election victory speech.

Jack sneaks into the hospital again to see Declan but finds only Nolan in his room. He learns that his brotherís artery burst. Declan left a video message saying how much he loves Jack, who loses control when he realizes that his little brother is gone forever. Nolan relays the news to Emily. Jack is going after Conrad, but he first runs into Victoria. He pulls a gun on her, but doesnít squeeze the trigger. He wants her to live a long, tortured life. He doesnít have the same wish for her husband.

Aiden is surprised to learn that the feds are dropping all charges against him. Theyíve had a shift in the investigation. Aiden confronts Daniel advising him to let Emily go. The two of them get into a brawl with Aiden getting the upper hand. He offers Daniel a second chance having no idea that the man he just beat up is eyeing a gun thatís fallen to the floor.

Nolan has no idea whatís happening when the feds storm his office. Heís placed under arrest for crimes against his country. Nolan tries to let the authorities know that the Fa1c0n is the one who unleashed his Carrion program. She works for the Initiative. They are the ones who stole Carrion and killed his girlfriend, Padma. The feds donít buy it. They show Nolan a video where Padma fingers him as the blind disciple of David Clarke. She says heís the evil mastermind who has the power to execute his judgment on the rest of the world. She claims that Nolan Ross IS the Initiative.

Conrad is projected as the winner in the race for governor of New York. Ashley lets Emily know that she gave Jack a pass to get into his victory party. She thought he was coming to hear her play the Nate Ryan tape. In truth, Jack is there for a much more fatal type of revenge. Emily needs Conrad to stay off the stage until she tracks down Jack. Ashley is willing to help run interference until she sees her bossís total lack of remorse over Declanís death. Sheís fine with letting whatever bad fate is headed Conradís way play out in front of the world.

Daniel arrives just before Conrad is to take the stage. He needs to borrow a shirt from his dad as heís hiding the fact that the one heís wearing is stained with blood. Conrad takes the stage without his wife by his side. Victoria is at home being surprised by an unexpected visitor, her long lost son Patrick. As Conrad launches into his victory speech, Emily spots Jack in the rafters. She rushes to him. Jack wears a steely look on his face as he pulls out a gun. He takes aim at Conrad. Emily reaches him before he pulls the trigger. She lets him know that itís her choices that have led him to this desperate moment. Emily asks Jack to look at her. He must have known all along that sheís the real Amanda Clarke.