Revenge Episode 43: Truth, Part One

Revenge Episode 43

Title: Truth, Part One
Season: 2
Episode #: 2.21
Episode: 43
First Air Date: May 12, 2013 (9pm)
DVD: Revenge: The Complete Second Season
Instant Video: Season 2
HD Instant Video: Season 2
Writer: Michael Foley and Nikki Toscano
Director: Randy Zisk
Guest Stars:
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Takeda
Seychelle Gabriel as Regina
Falk Hentschel as IT tech
Brian Lally as security guard no. 1
Guy Nardulli as security guard no. 2
Donna Rusch as newscaster no. 1
Bill Seward as newscaster no. 2
Marc Istook as newscaster no. 3


Fan Rating: --/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


A catastrophic moment changes everyone's lives; a heartbreaking death forces Emily to evaluate her quest for revenge.

(From ABC)
A series of dangerous events has been set in motion and it all comes to a head in one catastrophic moment that will change everyone's lives forever.

(Recap From ABC)
All five boroughs of New York City have been plunged into darkness along with other areas such as the Hamptons. Everything electronic has been fried thanks to Carrion being activated. The Fa1c0n altered the program when Nolan hacked the Grayson bank account. That means Aiden will be blamed for everything thatís happened and everything thatís still to come. Emily wants him to go dark before the Initiative turns him into their next David Clarke. She also wants to find Takeda as he likely knows what the Initiative has planned. Emily finds her mentor dead from a sword wound. Whoever killed him was as skilled as he was.

Jack tells Victoria what he knows about the laptop that could prove Conrad was behind everything that happened to David Clarke. He believes the computer may be hidden in the safe in his office. Jack needs Victoriaís help to open it. He doesnít see her hide a file with his name on it. However, Jack does fide a file on Amanda Clarke showing she spent time in Japan. He unwittingly reveals to Victoria that Ashley is in cahoots with him. The search for the laptop comes up empty. Jack lets Victoria know that his only option is to go to the press with the audio tape of Conrad vaguely ordering Amandaís death.

Daniel and Charlotte walk through the gridlocked streets of New York to their fatherís campaign headquarters. Conrad orders his son to steer clear of the offices of Grayson Global. In fact, he asks him shut down all operations for the day. He wants Daniel by his side for the press event for his big political speech. Victoria clues in Conrad about Jackís plan to sabotage the campaign gala. She also lets him know that Ashley is working with him. Conrad uses this information to his advantage, as he orders security to keep Jack away from campaign headquarters. Conrad is pleased to see that Ashley is trying to relay that info to her covert cohort.

Declan hurts his hand trying to smash out of the ATM vestibule where heís trapped with Regina. These two donít like each other at all. But they both like Charlotte. Declan realizes that Regina is looking for more than friendship with his girlfriend when he sees she downloaded the video of their kiss onto her phone. When the power is restored, Regina pushes herself past Declan, who later learns that she stashed money in his pocket. It was all part of her plan to turn Charlotte against him. Declan is shocked when Regina claims he stole her money and roughed her up in the ATM. He further stunned when Victoria tells him Charlotte is pregnant.

Emily finds several photos amongst Takedaís belongings. The first is of a pretty Japanese woman. The second is of an indentified man. Emily believes this could be Takedaís killer. She believes this guy may be targeting Aiden next. That theory doesnít last long once she realizes that man she hopes to protect is her mentorís killer. Aiden reveals that the Japanese woman in the photo was a flight attendant on the plane her father was accused of taking down. Takeda had his own revengenda. He tried to kill Aiden when he threatened to expose his true cause. Emilyís head is spinning. She wants Aiden to run while she tries to steer all implication away from him.

There have been security breaches at all major banks thanks to the power problems throughout the area. Daniel tries to get full power restored to the mainframe at the Grayson Global offices. All employees have been sent home. Only the electronics repairman remains. Emily recognizes this guy from Takedaís photo. She gives chase, but loses him in the elevator. In other news, Jack receives a text from Ashley telling him to meet her at the Grayson Global offices. Conrad is actually the true sender of the text luring Jack to the empty building.

Aiden is preparing to leave town when he learns from Nolan that Emily was willing to give up revenge for love once before. Heís crushed to learn she was willing to do it for Jack. Aiden says goodbye to Nolan, his unexpected friend. Speaking of unexpected friends, Charlotte questions Regina. She knows that Declan has never lied to her before. Thatís why she walks away from Regina now. As for Aiden, heís also walking away from his true love, Emily.

Jack lets Nolan know that heís headed to Grayson Global to pick up the incriminating laptop. Emily knows thatís impossible, as she tossed the computer in the ocean. The repairman she saw at the office is a former German Special Forces soldier named Gregor Hoffman. Heís an assassin who was accessing the servers at the Grayson Global offices. Jack is headed straight into a trap. Emily and Nolan race through the still gridlocked city to reach him before he goes inside.

Nolan tries to reach Jack via cell, but servers are still scrambled. He leaves a voicemail message as Emily rushes on. Jack hears his phone ping as he steps into the offices. A shadow is seen in the distance. Across the street, Conrad gives his speech. He checks his watch while glancing over at the Grayson Global building. Gregor Hoffman gives him a knowing nod from the audience. Suddenly, cell phones everywhere start pinging. The text message they all receive reads: Long Live David Clarke. ThenÖ BOOM! An explosion at the Grayson Global building rocks the city. Thereís devastation everywhere. Emily looks up helplessly fearing Jack was inside.