Revenge Episode 25: Confidence

Revenge Episode 25

Title: Confidence
Season: 2
Episode #: 2.03
Episode: 25
First Air Date: October 14, 2012 (9pm)
DVD: Revenge: The Complete Second Season
Instant Video: Season 2
HD Instant Video: Season 2
Writer: Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harbert
Director: J. Miller Tobin
Guest Stars:
Dilshad Vadsari as Padma Lahari
Barry Sloane as Aiden Mathis
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Takeda
Margarita Levieva as Amanda Clarke
Jennifer Jason Leigh as Kara Wallace Clarke

Damien Jurado, "Everything Trying"
Amanda can't sleep, Jack finds her downstairs at the bar in the middle of the night

Lord Huron, "I Will Be Back One Day"
Emily goes to the Stowaway to talk to Amanda

Fan Rating: --/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


The Graysons return to the spotlight and the center of a media storm; Emily's past continues to haunt her.

(From ABC)
The Graysons are back in the spotlight and at the center of a media storm once again, while Emily's past continues to haunt her.

(Recap From ABC)
Episode 203 Highlights
• The White-haired Man's real name was Gordon Murphy.
• Aiden finds Emily mother, alive and well.
• Aiden and Emily are former lovers.
• Victoria welcomes Amanda into the Grayson fold.
• Declan begins to rob homes.

Full Summary

We flashback to a time in Japan when Emily and Aiden are being pursued by some attack dogs. It’s all part of a training exercise set up by Takeda. Emily fails this particular test when she tries to help an injured Aiden. Turns out he wasn’t hurt at all. He was merely using Emily’s weakness, her compassion, to win the competition. In present day, Emily is ticked at Aiden for shooting the white-haired man. A quick search of the dead guy’s pockets lets Ems know that Whitey’s real name is Gordon Murphy. Make that was Gordon Murphy.

The two former allies also find a bottle of pills, Victoria’s fake passport and a bullet-holed phone. Aiden pockets a motel room key when Emily isn’t looking. Then, when Aiden isn’t looking, Emily knocks him unconscious. He wakes up in a dumpster, but escapes before being compacted by a garbage truck. We’re pretty sure he’s not going to use the ticket to Japan Emily taped to his jacket. No, Aiden’s off to make use of that motel room key.

Emily asks Nolan to hack into the white-haired man’s cell phone before heading off to meet Victoria, who realizes Daniel still has feelings for his ex-fiancée. The queen makes it clear that she wants Emily to cut off all ties with the Graysons effective immediately. She didn’t say anything about Amanda though. Emily wants her to crash Victoria’s upcoming press conference to deliver a version of one of her father’s journals to Charlotte. This will have to be kept a secret from Jack. He’s already peeved that Charlotte gave her half-sis a $5,000 gift card for the baby. Jack later thanks Emily for always having his back.

Aiden finds the flight recorder to the downed plane in the motel room. He also runs into the manager of the place. We recognize this woman immediately as Emily’s mother, Kara. Aiden claims he’s a cop, but Kara doesn’t buy it. Later, Aiden mistakenly attacks Nolan until Emily breaks things up. She switches SIM cards in the white-haired man’s bullet-holed phone. Emily turns over all the contents the white-haired man had on him with the exception of a pocket watch. In exchange, Aiden will turn over the flight recorder. A flashback lets us know that these two were once a hot item until Aiden took off to get revenge on the person who took his sister.

We find out a little more info on Gordon Murphy’s past. Flashing back to the day of the plane crash, we see that Victoria received a call just before takeoff. The white-haired man clued her in about the explosives so they could split Charlotte’s inheritance. Needless to say, Victoria made the deal before hoping off the plane. Gordon also had an intimate relationship with Kara. Emily knows this because he kept her picture in his pocket watch. The anti-psychotic pills she found on him belonged to her mother.

Emily is supposed to steer clear of Grayson Manor, but there’s no way she’s missing the press conference. Daniel mysteriously receives a delivery of Victoria’s fake passport. Charlotte blabs to a reporter that she’s David Clarke’s daughter after Amanda delivers the journal. You’d think all this would send Victoria into a tizzy. Well, you’d be wrong. She takes center stage at the press conference where she announces to the world that Charlotte is her daughter by David Clarke and her family remains united. She also declares they also have a new addition in Charlotte’s half-sister, Amanda. This bold move has made the Graysons more powerful than ever.

Declan’s shady prep school pal convinces him to break into a mansion to steal from the rich. Unfortunately, he drops his ID during the getaway. The owner of the house, a Mr. Ryan, pays Jack a visit at the Stowaway. The guy won’t press charges as long as he gets back what was taken. An appreciative Jack assures Ryan that he owes him one. There’s something about this guy that makes us think he may one day collect on that. Later, Jack lets Amanda know that he saw the press conference. He remains committed to their child, but that doesn’t mean he can commit to her.

Conrad lets Victoria know that he received a call from someone in the Initiative saying that the white-haired man will no longer be a problem. They’ll be in the clear as long as they cooperate. Speaking of Gordon Murphy, Aiden lets Emily know that the guy’s old bosses at the Initiative have contacted Conrad. He also leaves her the flight recorder. Later, Emily plays a message her mom left for the white-haired man. Kara is planning to go underground. Emily is completely emotional hearing the sound of her mother’s voice. She’s also not sure how to react upon hearing her mother tell the recently-deceased Gordon Murphy that she loves him.