Revenge Episode 22: Reckoning

Revenge Episode 22

Title: Reckoning
Season: 1
Episode #: 1.22
Episode: 22
First Air Date: May 23, 2012 (10pm)
DVD: Revenge: The Complete First Season
Instant Video: Season 1
HD Instant Video: Season 1
Writer: Mike Kelley and Mark B. Perry
Director: Sanford Bookstaver
Guest Stars:
Amber Valletta as Lydia Davis
James Tupper as David
Emily Alyn Lind as Young Amanda
Margarita Levieva as Amanda
James Morrison as white haired man
Rhasaan Orange as Tech
Christopher Goodman as driver
Stephanie Maura Sanchez as reporter
Nate Gill as teenage boy
Laura Kelly as flight attendant
Michael Reilly Burke as Mr. McGowen
Rachel Katherine DiPillo as Jaime

Florence + The Machine, "Seven Devils"
Final End Montage.

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


Emily intends to finally follow through with her plan for revenge; the Graysons continue down a path of self-destruction; an explosive event changes everything.

(From ABC)
With the end in sight, Emily fearlessly pushes forward, closing in on the final phases of her plan for revenge, while the Graysons continue their downward spiral into the rabbit hole of self-destruction. But a big, explosive event leaves much hanging in the balance, courses are altered and even more is left in question.

(Recap From ABC)
Emily screams for Daniel. She cons him into believing she saw a white-haired man fleeing from her house. Daniel panics when he sees that the incriminating evidence on his father is missing from his briefcase. Conrad believes he knows exactly who is behind the theft. He also knows that his last bit of leverage is gone. He has no idea that the evidence he seeks is actually in the hands of Emily Thorne.

Emily tries to read whatís on the incriminating hard drive labeled ďAmericon Initiative.Ē Itís encrypted. She looks to Nolan for help, but heís MIA. When Emily arrives at his place, she finds a laptop showing a live stream of Nolan shackled to a wall. Heís being held prisoner. Emily lets the white-haired man know who she is as they arrange a meeting. She voluntarily allows herself to be rendered unconscious as sheís brought to Nolanís location. She wakes up next to him chained to a wall.

Emily lets the white-haired man know the evidence is hidden in a bus terminal locker. He has an hour to get to it before a programmed email is sent to the authorities. Once Whitey leaves, Emily picks the locks on the shackles. She sends Nolan off to deliver the actual evidence to McGowen, the SEC guy. She also asks him to let Jack know that she loves him if she doesnít make it out of this thing.

When the white-haired man returns, Emily is waiting for him with a large, metallic axe in hand. A violent battle ensues as a determined young woman seeks the ultimate revenge on the man who killed her father. Emily pins the white-haired man to the ground. She wants her face to be the last thing he sees before he dies. Then she recalls the time her dad helped her save the life of a wounded bird. Emily realizes the best way to honor her father is embrace the qualities he loved most about her. Thatís why she lets the white-haired man live.

Daniel is surprised when Jack returns the million dollar check he had given him. Of course, thatís nothing compared to the shock he feels when Ashley reveals what went down between Jack and his fiancťe. Emily doesnít deny kissing Jack. She lets Daniel know that heís become everything he said he never wanted to be. Heís become a Grayson. Emily returns her engagement ring. She later lets Nolan know that she intends to tell Jack everything. Sheís going to tell him the truth.

Conrad presents Lydia with a ring. He lets her know that they need to get out of town fast. Lydia plans to recant her testimony against him until Victoria persuades her to stay the course. Victoria also learns that Conrad not only framed David Clarke, he also contracted to have him killed. In other news, the white-haired man lets Conrad know that the evidence is now in the hands of the SEC. Itís headed for Washington on a plane. Conrad assures Victoria that if she takes that flight itíll be the last thing she ever does.

Declan is surprised at how nice Charlotte is to him and Jaime. Itís all a ruse. Charlotte posts online pictures that reveal Jaimeís inappropriate past relationship with a teacher. The girl is devastated. Declan, on the other hand, is angry. He warns Charlotte to never speak to him again. In other news, Victoria pops by to offer her condolences to Emily about her breakup with Daniel. Itís a disingenuous gesture as evidenced by the empty box she gave to Emily as an engagement present way back when. Ouch.

Emily stops by the Stowaway to see Jack. Sheís shocked to learn heís not alone. Amanda is there, and sheís pregnant. She says, ďJack and I are gonna have a baby.Ē Ouch again. Emily is crushed. She gives Nolan the scoop as she stares at the Infinity Box which sits in front of the fireplace. Daniel is also nursing his own wounded heart by sharing a drink with Ashley, who assures him that sheíll always have his back.

Lydia and Victoria step aboard the plane for their flight to DC. A worker does some last minute checks of the aircraft. We see that the technician is actually the white-haired man. A short-time later, Charlotte sees a news report about a government-chartered jet that exploded shortly after takeoff. Victoria Grayson was reportedly onboard. A frantic Charlotte is devastated when Delcan wonít take her call. She swallows a large number of pills. Conrad canít seem to revive his daughter when he finds her unconscious in her room.

Emily sees the news report of the plane explosion. All the evidence that could have exonerated her father was on that plane. Well, not exactly. Nolan backed up the mysterious hard drive before he gave it to the SEC guy. He lets Emily know that Americon handled the cover-up after the Graysons framed her father. An old videotaped conversation between Victoria, Conrad and the white-haired man completely floors Emily. She learns that her thought-to-be-dead mother may actually be alive. Canít wait to see what the rest of the video reveals!