Revenge Episode 11: Duress

Revenge Episode 11

Title: Duress
Season: 1
Episode #: 1.11
Episode: 11
First Air Date: January 4, 2012 (10pm)
DVD: Revenge: The Complete First Season
Instant Video: Season 1
HD Instant Video: Season 1
Writer: Elle Triedman
Director: Jamie Babbit
Guest Stars:
Ashton Holmes as Tyler Barrol
James Tupper as David Clarke
Emily Alyn Lind as Young Amanda
Nicholas Stargel as Young Jack
Margarita Levieva as Amanda Clarke
James McCaffrey as Ryan Huntley

Phantogram, "Don't Move"

Fan Rating: ??/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


An unstable visitor crashes Daniel's intimate birthday celebration; Conrad and Victoria use Charlotte as a pawn in their bitter divorce battle; Emily's plan starts to unravel.

(From ABC)
An unwelcome and unstable visitor makes a nightmare of Daniel's intimate birthday celebration with family and friends; Charlotte becomes a pawn in Conrad and Victoria's bitter divorce battle, and Emily watches her ultimate plan begin to unravel.

(Recap From ABC)
Everyone looks anxious at Daniel Graysonís intimate birthday bash on the beach. Thatís probably because Tyler is standing at the head of the table with a gun pointed at Emilyís head. Every party has a pooper, right?

We jump back two days to learn that Emily is planning a clambake as a low-key birthday party for her boyfriend. Speaking of Daniel, he has dad believing all is well between them once Conrad agrees to fire Tyler. In truth, Daniel is simply positioning himself to help Victoria get whatever she wants out of the divorce.

The only thing Victoria truly wants out of the divorce settlement is Grayson Manor, a few pieces of art and, of course, Charlotte. Conrad isnít willing to go for that last one so easily. As far as the financial details, the prenup Victoria signed isnít valid since she was pregnant at the time. It falls under the category of duress. Therefore sheís entitled to half of all assets accrued during the marriage.

Victoria later tells her lawyer, Ryan Huntley, she lied about being pregnant and then having a miscarriage. That means the contract is valid. Flashbacks show Emily giving Huntley all the evidence he needed to prove her father was innocent. She knows the rich and mighty got to him. As far as Emily is concerned, Huntley is just as guilty as the man who murdered her father in prison.

Emily makes nice with Nolan as the two of them try to figure out a strategy regarding Tyler. Their unbalanced nemesis stole Nolanís whale-cam with all those nasty, incriminating video files. Emily sneaks into the pool house to swipe back the Shamu-cam. She also catches sight of Tylerís antipsychotic meds.

Tyler trashes the pool house when he canít find the hidden camera. The guy is coming more and more unhinged. Tyler also reveals to Conrad that he has a video of Frank Stevens tossing Lydia off a balcony. Oh, and thereís also some footage detailing his complicity in the framing of David Clarke.

Emily learns that Tyler has a brother who is a trauma surgeon in San Francisco. Nolan offers to fly the good doctor in to take care of his psychotic sibling. Tyler aggressively leads Daniel to believe that heís heading out of The Hamptons. The GPS on his cell phone seems to confirm that Ty is on a plane bound for the west coast. But thatís not really the case.

Tyler pulls a knife on Nolan demanding all copies of the videos on the whale-cam, which just happens to be on the mantle at Emilyís place. Ty cuts Nolanís arm moments before seeing Emily place her gun in her desk thanks to that whale-cam. He plans to pay her a visit at the beach house, but not before tying up a wounded Nolan.

Emily gives Daniel an early birthday present. Itís a picture of the two of them from the day they met. Ashley recruits Jack to help with the big clambake. Heíll be staying for the dinner, as will Amanda. Both Conrad and Victoria are taken aback ever so slightly when they see Amanda in person.

Tylerís brother arrives at Nolanís place and unties him. Nolan immediately calls Emily, but Tylerís the one who answers the phone. At the party, Victoria gives Daniel a scrapbook thatís a collection of memories and photos detailing every summer theyíve ever come to the beach. Itís a total slap in the face to Emily, who had mentioned her own photo idea earlier.

Emily excuses herself to bring out the birthday cake. Tyler is waiting for her inside. As the two of them get into a verbal sparring match, Emily slips a wallet into Tylerís jacket pocket. Then Tyler grabs the gun from Emilyís desk and leads her out to the beach at gunpoint. Itís not exactly the happiest of birthday parties.

Itís obvious that Tyler has completely unspooled as he invites the guests to join him a game of ďTruth or Die.Ē He asks Conrad to tell everyone the truth about David Clarke before pointing the gun at Emilyís head. Heís about to pull the trigger when his brother calls to him. The distraction gives Jack and Daniel an opening to tackle and subdue Tyler. When the police arrive, they find Frankís wallet in Tyís jacket. Heís now the prime suspect in the security manís murder.

Nolan knows that Emily always keeps her gun loaded. Well, almost always. Tonight she knew to remove all the bullets. Emily watches as Jack heads home with Amanda, who wonders what Ty was talking about when he asked for the truth about David Clarke. As for Victoria, sheís informed by her lawyer that heís found a doctor willing to manufacture documents to prove she had a miscarriage. Thatíll make the prenup invalid. This brings a satisfied smile to the queenís face.