Revenge Biography: Henry Czerny

Revenge Henry Czerny, Conrad Grayson
Actor Name: Henry Czerny
Revenge Character Name: Conrad Grayson
Given Birth Name:
Birth Date: February 8, 1959
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Star Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Marital Status: Claudine Cassidy (2001 - present)
First Revenge Episode: Pilot
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Schooling: National Theatre School in Montreal.


  • Got his start acting in musicals at Humberside collegiate in Toronto, under the direction of Janet Keele.

  • Henry and friend, actor Michael Riley, drove cross-country with a three-foot-tall Barbie doll that they posed in different settings to create an 80-page "book".

  • Henry is the famous voice behind the crucial line, "Your mission, should you choose to accept it..." in the film, Mission Impossible.

  • Henry's first role: second shillelagh to Lucky Larry Leprechaun in a kindergarten play.

  • Received formal training at the National Theatre School in Montreal. After graduating in 1982, he went on to perform onstage across the country, from Ottawa's National Arts Centre to Edmonton's Citadel Theatre and the Stratford Festival. By the late 1980s, he had established himself as a seasoned veteran of Canadian theatre


About the character: Conrad Grayson

Net Worth: $4.7 Billion
Occupation: Grayson Global Hedge Fund Manager & CEO
Desire: As a man with all the money and power he could ask for, the only thing he wants is the thing he can’t have…Victoria’s heart.

Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) is the CEO of Grayson Global and head of the Grayson family. He’s well respected among his peers in both business and Hamptons’ society-- a shrewd and successful tycoon who operates with questionable moral integrity. Conrad is ruthless and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure he slithers out of potentially scandalous situations unscathed—and he’s got the skeletons of previous scandals to prove it. But with the arrival of Emily Thorne, Conrad will finally have to atone for his many past sins.

About the actor: Henry Czerny

Henry Czerny, known for starring opposite Harrison Ford in “Clear and Present Danger” and Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible,” was most recently seen opposite Bradley Cooper and Liam Neeson in “The A-Team.”

Czerny showed his comedic side in the zombie indie film “Fido,” opposite Carrie-Anne Moss, and in “The Pink Panther,” with Steve Martin.

Having a dozen best actor awards under his belt, Czerny’s role in “Revenge” is his first television series.

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