Pan Am Episode 9: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Title: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Season: 1
Episode #: 1.09
Episode: 9
First Air Date: December 4, 2011 (10pm)
DVD: Available September 2012
Instant Video: Season 1
HD Instant Video: Season 1
Writer: Moira Walley-Beckett & Lydia Woodward
Director: John Fortenberry
Guest Stars:
Ashley Greene as Amanda Mason
David Harbour as Anderson
Chris Beetem as Chris Rawlings
John Bedford Lloyd as Captain Dennis
Damian Young as Mr. Bolger
Jim Coope as Bill Lowrey
Ann Dowd as Marjorie Lowrey

Grace Potter, "Fly Me To The Moon"
Frankie Avalon, "Lotta Livin' To Do"

Fan Rating: 9.15/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


Ted asks Laura to help him make a woman from his past jealous; a dangerous mission puts Kate and Anderson in jeopardy; Maggie clashes with a congressman; Colette meets Dean's parents.

(Preview From ABC)
Once in London, Ted enlists Laura's help to try to make an old flame - Amanda Mason (Ashley Greene) -- jealous, but things don't go the way he expects. Meanwhile, Kate attempts to regain her freedom from her courier duties by agreeing to one last mission for her British contact, but the dangerous assignment not only puts her life in jeopardy but Anderson's as well; Maggie butts heads with a hawkish congressman who disagrees with her political views, but things really heat up when she tries to change his mind about his beliefs and ends up sparking an attraction with him; and back at home, Dean takes Colette to meet his parents and the two discover feelings that have been brewing for a long time.

(Recap From ABC)
Kateís packing up for her next trip when she gets a knock on her door. Itís Richard, her handler with U.S. Intelligence, and sheís not happy to see him. Sheís done spying, itís cost her too much. But Richard has one last mission for her: deliver a cigarette case to Mr. Anderson, her contact in London. She reluctantly accepts, but only after Richard threatens her job at Pan Am.

The Clipper Majestic is headed to London again, but this time without her Captain! Dean and Colette call in sick to spend the day together. Deanís going to take Colette flying in the same crop duster that he learned to fly in. The trick is, itís at his parentís farm. Coletteís nervous about meeting Deanís mom and dad, and it turns out she should be. Deanís mom is nice enough, but his dad wonít drop the whole Bridget issue. When Deanís dad pretty much insults Colette at lunch, she excuses herself. Dean find her in the barn where they argue and he tells her heís sorry, but that he also never brought Bridget home to meet his folks like this. Despite how angry Colette is initially, the two of them still end up making hay in the barn!

Maggieís conflicted about her lifestyle when her political activist friend, Sam, hitches a ride on the flight to London to protest the nuclear arms race. When she has to stop him from chastising a hawkishóand handsomeóyoung Senator, Sam accuses her of paying lip service to her big ideals, but not taking advantage of the access she has to the rich and powerful. Maggie takes up the challenge, cornering the young Senator in the hotel in London. But what starts as a lively exchange of ideas becomes a heated exchange of kisses and then some!

Laura has her hands full dealing with the substitute Captain, an old World War II veteran who likes to order everyone around and isnít shy about sexually harassing the stewardesses. She gets in trouble when she ďaccidentallyĒ gives the Captain a lap-full of hot coffee, but Ted smoothes things over. In exchange, he asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend and save him from a date with an old childhood acquaintance that used to torment him. The plan is for her to interrupt their dinner and act jealous. But thereís a hitch when the mean girl from Tedís past turns out to be gorgeous and sweet. The two of them hit it off and the theatrics he planned with Laura arenít needed. Laura realizes she may have missed out on a chance with First Officer Vanderway when the Captain tells her later that the way he smoothed things over was telling the Captain that he and Laura were together and she was the most wonderful girl in the world. Will these two ever get together?

Kateís mission in London gets more complicated when Mr. Anderson tells her that he needs her help. A jeweler in the city is looking to sell a list of CIA informants to the Russians, and among the names on it are Bridget Pierce and Kateís former lover, Niko Lonza. Kate agrees to pretend to be Mr. Andersonís mistress and keep the jeweler occupied while Mr. Anderson swaps the real list for a fake one. But when a fire alarm goes off in the hotel, the jeweler rushes back to his shop and catches Mr. Anderson in the act. The two struggle and a gun falls to the floor. Kate, who followed the jeweler back to the shop, picks up the gun, takes aim and BANG!