Pan Am Episode 4: Eastern Exposure

Title: Eastern Exposure
Season: 1
Episode #: 1.04
Episode: 4
First Air Date: October 16, 2011 (10pm)
DVD: Available September 2012
Instant Video: Season 1
HD Instant Video: Season 1
Writer: Jack Orman & Moira Walley-Beckett
Director: Thomas Schlamme
Guest Stars:
Jeremy Davidson as Richard Anderson
Jay O. Sanders as Douglas Vanderway
C.J. Wilson as Howard

Ella Fitzgerald, "Blue Skies"
Laura and the girls lounge by the pool. Kate eyes a man with a camera taking pictures

Jeff Daniels, "Daddy O Rock"
Maggie finds a snake in the bathroom. Laura and Maggie jump on the bed for safety.

Marvin & Johnny, "I Want Lovin - Unreleased"
Maggie and Laura watch a cockfight. Laura is disgusted by the scene, so the decide to go dancing

Phil Flowers, "Twistin' Beat"
Maggie and Laura Dance On the tables of a bar in Jakarta.

Fan Rating: 8.7/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


A last-minute change ends up sending the crew to Rangoon; Maggie shows Laura the wilder side of the city; Ted reflects on his past after hearing news of a space mission.

(Preview From ABC)
After a last minute change sends the crew on a flight to Rangoon, a routine courier mission for Kate turns harrowing as she struggles to make a drop by the deadline. Meanwhile, Maggie takes naive Laura under her wing and shows her the wilder side of the city; and news of a space mission leads Ted to reflect on his own past and what his powerful family connections have cost him.

(Recap From ABC)
Itís time for another flight and, as usual, Laura is running late. Kate is waiting on the curb, again, urging her little sister to hurry up and find her mittens so they can make their flight to Iceland, when Richard, her Handler in New York, shows up. She tries to explain the situation in Berlin, but he tells her sheís of no use to U.S. Intelligence if they canít rely on her to follow orders. As he hails her a cab, he reluctantly gives her a new assignment. Sheís got to meet a contact in Rangoon and carry a package to Jakarta. Kate calls up to Laura and tells her to forget those mittens; sheís going to need a swimsuit!

The next day the ladies are lounging pool-side in Burma when some Navy pilots come over to introduce themselves. Tedís there to make sure the two airmen arenít trying to get fresh with his flight crew and we find out that Ted himself used to be a Test Pilot for the Navy. As Ted dives into the pool later, we quickly see a flashback of him in the ocean, surrounded by burning wreckage, a rescue helicopter hovering overhead. We flash forward from there to a Navy tribunal where Ted argues that there was a mechanical problem with his aircraft, but his superiors seem more than ready to blame the crash on his trip to the bar the night before.

Kate is handed a camera from a contact in Rangoon. She sneaks it away, but not before Laura notices it. In Jakarta, Kate goes off on her own to get instructions on where to make her drop. Laura tries to stay behind in their room and relax, but some unexpected encounters with the local wildlife convince her to run off and see the sights with Maggie. While Kate waits anxiously at the cablegram office for a reply from Richard, Laura is learning all about Indonesian food, drinking and gambling from Maggie. The two start to form a real friendship, but we have to wonder if Kate would approve.

Things are starting to get a little heated in the cockpit. Ted, who has more flight experience than Dean, canít help but ask his friend how he managed to ďjump the lineĒ and get in that pilotís chair. They donít spend much time together in Jakarta as Tedís busy trying to get what seems to be the only television in the city working again. Whatís Ted so excited to see? Itís the launch of the Mercury 9 rocket and the expression of wonder on his face as he finally sees it is priceless.

We flashback again to Ted in his fatherís office. His dad, whoís the very wealthy, very well-connected owner of an aircraft manufacturer, is talking to his son about how he should accept the Navyís honorable discharge. Ted doesnít want to. He insists that his plane, which it turns out his fatherís company manufactured, had a mechanical failure, and pleads with his dad to have his engineers look at it. His father admits there was a problem, but he wonít tell that to the Navy because it could threaten his contracts with them. Ted begs, telling his dad that this is his last shot at getting into the space program, but his father turns him down.

Kate finally gets her response from Richard. She needs to take the camera to a small shop across the street from the cablegram office. Thereís only one problem: Kate canít find the camera! When Laura finally comes home after a night of drinking, dancing and gambling with Maggie, Kateís waiting for her and sheís not happy. Laura borrowed the camera without asking and it sets Kate off about how itís time for her little sister to finally grow up. Kate rushes out to make her drop and finally does, but things are definitely tense between the two Cameron sisters on the next flight to Hong Kong.

The landing in Hong Kong is anything but smooth. High crosswinds at night in a storm with whatís already one of the trickiest approaches in the world has Ted openly questioning whether or not Dean can pull this off. The two of them argue the whole way down, and weíre starting to think that Ted may be right when Dean pulls the plane back at the last second and lands safely. The two argue after the passengers have left and when Dean makes a remark about Ted needing to call his daddy for help, his First Officer decks him.

When everyoneís safely back in New York, things calm down. Ted apologizes, in his own way, for giving his friend and Captain a pretty good shiner. In return, Dean tells him how he got his pilotís chair. He got stuck in an elevator for eleven minutes with Juan Trippe, the founder of Pan Am, and plead his case. Dean says he got lucky, but Ted tells him he made his own luck.

Kate meets Richard at a bar where he gives her another lecture for being late with her drop in Jakarta. He also slides over the pictures that were on the film in that camera, and she gets a good look at the night of fun Laura had with Maggie. Richard tells Kate heís going to have Laura reassigned so that sheís not in her way anymore, but when Kate spots an touching picture of herself waiting anxiously at the Jakarta cablegram office, she turns him down. Kate stops to buy Laura her own camera on the way home, but when she gets back to their apartment, she finds her sisterís gone again. Next we see Maggie open up her front door and let Laura inóas her new roommate.